Vince Fulgenzi, Vitec Inc

Let’s say you’re in a situation where you’ve been out of your office all morning in meetings. That never happens, right? And you come back to your desk now, and you want to find out what’s going on in the center. What would be three KPIs you would look at and why?

Dora King, MBS Textbook Exchange

I look at average speed of answer first, always it’s a first place where I go, because especially if we’re in a very peak period, I want to know how long our customers are having to wait to get through to someone. Abandon rates are also something that I look at. I do look at service level, but I have decided on my own that it’s not really a very accurate way of looking at whether or not we’re successful, I feel like the average speed of the answer and abandon rates are much more indicative of that.

Paul Morrison, DEMDACO

I’m looking at first call resolution, just to try to understand, are we helping that customer? We do not look at length of call times, because at the end of the day, I want them to answer every question that the customer asks. We’ll stay on the phone with them as long as we need to, to answer their questions. So, I’m looking for first call resolution, make sure that we’re not having to transfer any people over to other departments. And then the other piece is just call wait time, how long are our customers having to wait.

Perry Ceriotti, United BioSource Corporation

First thing I would look at when I come back to the office is any escalations. It’s all about the caller experience, and in our case, patient experience. A call center that’s got great numbers, and all the numbers look great, but if the callers, or the people you’re talking to, don’t think you’re doing a good job, that’s really all that matters. How many calls are they transferring, that they’re not able to able for whatever reason. Service level and average handle time, not talk time, but we’ve got some of our phone calls, our average talk time in our operation is about ten to fifteen minutes and that’s just talk time. On the phone. But then they may have twenty to thirty minutes of after call work to do, documentation and things like that.

Patsy Mulvaney, Empire District – Liberty Utilities

We are a regulated utility so, the first thing I really look at is our service level, because we are required to keep it at eighty percent of our calls answered in thirty seconds or less, so that is a company goal. So we’re looking at average speed of answer. We don’t want our customers waiting in the queue very long because the longer they’re waiting, the more unhappy they are, they don’t like that. I mean if their power went out for some reason, we want to be sure we’re answering that.