Cicero XM is a desktop solution that enables you to focus on increasing productivity and improving the customer experience. Cicero XM allows you to integrate applications, automate processes, guide users through complex procedures, and present the correct information at the right time based on business need. It includes a powerful database that provides data storage for transactional data. In addition, it also provides insight into your operations: what your employees are doing and what your customers are experiencing. Unlike other desktop solutions, Cicero XM does not remove or hide users’ access to existing applications. Rather it simplifies, extends, and automates existing processes while letting you easily and quickly integrate new applications.

Cicero Features

  • Integrate desktop applications non-invasively
  • Deliver a single sign-on solution
  • Automate your manual workflows
  • Present information in an intuitive way
  • Integrate telephony with other desktop applications
  • Guide business users through their workflows
  • Report on the cost and benefit of each activity
  • Adapt to change to meet organizational objectives
  • Enforce compliance (e.g., HIPAA, PCI, etc.)

Cicero Desktop Analytics & Automation for the Back Office and Contact Center

Cicero provides desktop activity intelligence and improvement software to measure and manage how people, processes, and technology work together in the contact center and back office. Leveraging a suite of “sensors,” Cicero Discovery’s desktop analytics software collects any desktop activity and supports Big Data initiatives by capturing the customer journey at various touch points. This allows organizations to focus on areas for improvement in business processes, compliance, training, and application usage.

Cicero Desktop Analytics

Companies use Cicero desktop analytics in the back office and contact center to gain operational insight and to identify areas of improvement.

Understand the Customer Expereince – Cicero desktop analytics data can be used to better understand your customer engagement and interaction processes. Desktop analytics data can be combined with other data providers such as WFM, CRM, and ACD to map the entire customer journey.

Understand the Employee Experience – Valuable operational insight into how your employees follow processes and use technology can be gained. Set waypoints with Cicero desktop analytics to measure processes across apps, users, and departments. Capture system and app performance.

Cicero Desktop Automation

Cicero Desktop Automation allows you to automate business processes across applications, eliminate redundant and erroneous data entry, reduce screen navigation, and provide a single sign-on.

Cicero XM

Cicero XM is a Customer Interaction Management (CIM) solution for contact centers and the enterprise. Cicero XM simplifies workflow, automates tasks, and automatically shares data between applications. Get your business users the information they need, when they need it, using all your existing applications.

Cicero XM is the only truly non-invasive solution. It does not remove or hide existing applications. Rather it simplifies, extends, and automates existing processes, letting you integrate new applications simply and reliably. In addition, Cicero XM features tools to create a modular, customizable interface, scripting or agent guidance, screen pops, new composite applications, and a powerful toolbar. The result is a highly efficient, intelligent desktop that not only improves
business user productivity but can also be changed to address ongoing business challenges.

Cicero XM Suite Includes

Cicero XM Integrator – A desktop integration toolset that allows you to integrate applications, utilize web services, and automate workflow without modifying or writing code to drive business user efficiency.

Cicero XM Desktop – Includes all the features of Cicero XM Integrator, plus agent guidance, composite applications, toolbars, dashboards, softphone console and a flexible workspace to drive business user effectiveness.

Cicero XM Enterprise – Insight An enterprise solution for managing interactions, including cross-application workflow, call scripting, analytics, telephony integration, single sign on, a United Data Model, and a powerful database to provide operational insight.

Cicero XM Studio – A visual toolkit used to integrate applications and configure Cicero XM products. When used with Cicero XM Enterprise, Cicero XM Studio allows business analysts or other non-IT personnel to make changes to end-user scripts, call flows, and composite screens without risk to underlying applications or business logic.

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