VITEC’s Value Add

VITEC, Inc. is a Value Added Reseller (VAR) focused on providing a complete, customized suite of solutions for contact centers around the globe. VITEC was founded in 1989, and now with over 20 years of customer driven emerging technology experience, VITEC has earned the reputation for excellence in its approach to analysis, design implementation, and support. Our customer-centric, value added approach enables companies to enrich their multi-media communications throughout the contact center, across the enterprise, and beyond.

Our Approach

Understanding the changing face of today’s marketplace and pinpointing customer needs is a must – VITEC, Inc. partners with renowned manufacturers to offer a suite of products specifically designed to achieve optimal, measurable results for your business. With continuous research and development, VITEC has the ability to provide the most up-to-date expertise to answer and navigate the rapidly shifting demands of today’s global commerce environment. We offer companies customized contact center solutions that make improving overall business productivity easy, seamless and tangible.

Our Service

Service Resolution Time: All service tickets are tracked and measured. We have constantly improving goals in place to ensure the most responsive service in the call center business.

Proactive System Monitoring: We monitor your system on-going in an attempt to catch problems before they impact your users.

Replacement Inventory: We carry a wide selection of hardware components and parts to ensure your system is well maintained. When a system does go down, VITEC is prepared with an inventory of parts and a staff of experts.

Documentation: All service issues are documented and tracked in our call management database. We meet regularly to review open tickets and brainstorm root cause and solution analysis.

Our Products

In computer Telephony Integration (CTI), VITEC, Inc. is focused on contact center solutions. By leveraging emerging technology, VITEC helps progressive organizations by providing its customers the most courteous and effective method of communication to achieve maximum results.

Each product selected into our portfolio must meet our rigorous standards of proven reliability, technological stability, mission critical readiness, interoperability, and on-going ease of service. Partnering with manufacturers such as Interactive Intelligence, Nuance, Aspect, Captaris, Cacti, and other; VITEC will build a customized solution that meets your unique needs and addresses the issues important to you. In addition, we will continue to service, support, and upgrade those applications as technology changes.

Our People

VITEC puts all prospective employees through a 5 step formalized interview process that screens out 87% of all applicants.

Skills: Our staff is required to attend 80 hours of technical training each year. We are highly competent in telecommunications and network integrtion which means installs are smoother and service requests are completed faster.


  • We care about our clients!
  • We work well as a team.
  • We are flexible and embrace the changing requirements of technology and the demands of business.

Beliefs: VITEC employees believe in a high standard of integrity and excellence in all we do. We are committed to the success of our technological solutions and our clients’ business initiatives. We manage our time and our resources with a high degree of business ethics to ensure our clients don’t get finger pointing, they get results.