Nuance Recognizer is built on the 10th-generation ASR engine and delivers the industry’s highest recognition accuracy. The program increases the efficiency of self-service solutions. Spoken and touch tone inputIt is easily understood and interpreted to help deliver seamless self-service and an enhanced customer experience.

Nuance Recognizer v10 is industry leading recognition software that increases the efficiency of your self-service solutions dramatically. It delivers high recognition accuracy and enables more natural conversations. This allows Nuance Recognizer v10 to provide your callers with self-service interactions which are more efficient and satisfying. Built-in 64-bit support, load balancing, better CPU/ memory utilization, multi-tenancy, and centralized logging support more efficient use of computing resources. Sensitive data management capabilities allow your solutions to be compliant with various security regulations and industry standards. Centralized server management—with OA&M capabilities, reporting, and other analytical functions—simplifies deployment and maintenance of your self-service solution. Together, these capabilities add up to unparalleled levels of accuracy, reliability, and ease of use that will transform the way you care for your customers.

Nuance’s Features

Improved Accuracy, Flexibility, and Performance

SmartListener – The technology is able to correctly recognize a large proportion of out-of-grammar inputs with high confidence. SmartListener can be applied across every dialog in the speech application, drastically improving recognition accuracy.

Reporting & Analytics – Tools allow you to get the most out of your speech-enabled self-service solution by delivering a complete framework for observing and improving your system’s performance.

Nuance Dialog Modules – With the experience of our professional services team, these prepackaged, reusable, and highly configurable VoiceXML application building blocks for call flow, code, and grammars are developed to fit into existing call flow and application design.

Support for Industry Standards – Standards-based solutions offer the benefits of application portability and investment protection. Recognizer includes support for emerging and accepted standards, such as VoiceXML, EMMA, SRGS, SISR, NLSML and MRCPv2.

How to Improve Your IVR

Conversational IVR

Recognizer is able to turn your automated IVR into an intelligent, self-service system by transforming a one-way dialogue into a conversation, making it faster and easier for customers to get things accomplished.

Call Steering

Call Steering eliminates complex navigation by allowing customers to use their own words to describe why they are calling, resulting in a faster, more direct path to resolution.

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