IAT CT Center users can distribute reports automatically via e-mail or printer; access data and distribute contacting campaigns from one resource to another across the Internet; and make Internet file transfers via FTP or Direct File Copy. Proactive system diagnostics and alerts help to ensure peak system performance. The IAT CT Center Predictive Dialer and automated communication system is modular, flexible, scalable, and can keep pace with advancing technology and the needs of your growing business.

IAT CT Center’s 5 Modules

IAT Predicitive Dialing (PD)

Industry-specific features, ease of use, and outstanding customer support make the IAT CT Center the #1 choice in predictive dialers for today’s collections-focused call centers. Agents use their host screen without toggling between systems. Training takes less than 30 minutes. Dynamic resource allocation makes superior pacing results and lower costs with fewer resources than are required by other predictive dialing systems possible.

Industry-specific capabilities include monitoring, coaching and conferencing; simultaneous Power, Preview or Predictive Dialing by agent; passive agents; remote agent and system management; real-time pacing by agent and campaign; and inbound/outbound call blending. Optional skills-based routing intelligently sends the right call to the right agent at the right time. Used with IC, hold messages can be replaced with an interactive payment dialogue.

IAT IC Outbound (IC)

Used alone or with the IAT Predictive Dialer, this module automatically makes contacts by phone during the day, after hours, or on weekends, based on user-defined parameters. Delivering your choice of professionally recorded, simple or interactive messages, it does the work of multiple agents. During office hours, messages can include optional transfer to an agent. Interactive messages can ask for the right party by name and speak a demand for payment message that includes payment options. Without additional personnel, IAT IC can help to meet your most demanding contact requirements.

IAT Inbound

IAT CT Center’s inbound capabilities enable call centers to remain open around-the-clock. According to the chosen dialog, callers can select payment options, agree to pay, or interact with a custom message. Parties who receive an outbound message to call the office can respond at their convenience and enter their account number to hear the message. During office hours, callers can be transferred to an agent. Inbound functionality blended with the power of IAT Predictive Dialing and/or IC ensures that every call is handled productively.

IAT Skills-Based Routing

Both outbound and inbound IAT CT Center calls can be blended to the next available agent or group of agents on the dialer. By adding the power of Skills-Based Routing, the right call can be distributed to the right agent at the right time. Routing can be based on language; account number, balance or age; client ID; agent skill and/or assignment, DNIS or other user-defined criteria. Inbound calls can be routed with screen-pop to the right dialer agent who is signed on to take them. Overflow calls can be sent to Passive Agents.


Pre-Announce announces to an operator or an agent who is not on the Predictive Dialer that the call causing their phone to ring is a CT Center generated call. Depending on the information available, the message may say something as simple as, “CT Center call, account number 12345.” Having that information allows the person taking the call to quickly type in the account number and bring up the caller’s information, or to transfer the call to a more qualified recipient. The message can be recorded on your site. It can have up to 10 data variables related to the account, and variables may be repeated.

Pre-Announce enables the person taking the call to smoothly begin talking without having to ask who is calling or what the call is about. The feature is used primarily for secondary call transfers, overflow calls, or IC calls that go through the agency’s phone switch (PBX), rather than to an agent on the CT Center Predictive Dialer. The system default is to have no announcement message, but it can be turned on by individual dialogue type or for every application system-wide.

Agencies that use IAT CT Center Inbound to prompt an inbound caller for account information can also include the account number in the “CT Center Call” transfer announcement. Depending on system configuration and available information the announcement can also include information such as name, client name, account balance, unit number, etc.

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