Monet WFM provides call center scheduling and forecasting software in the cloud. Monet WFM Live’s workforce management software is easy to use and affordable. Monet’s solution delivers value to your entire call center operation, improving service levels and reducing costs while enhancing employee morale through more predictable, flexible, and efficient scheduling and staffing.

Staffing Solution

One of the biggest challenges for contact centers is staffing. If too many agents are scheduled then costs rise, whereas when too few are working customer service suffers. Finding the perfect balance is paramount to meeting both productivity and efficiency goals. Many businesses continue to utilize a manual approach that relies on estimates, lacks real-time adherence, and requires manual production of reports. The time and effort spent managing staff can be significant and costly. The manual approach also prevents the organization from fluidly adapting to changes in contact center volumes.

Increasing the problem, many available products used to automate staffing are not designed to work well in small or medium-sized contact centers. A one-size-fits-all approach does not work well for companies without large IT departments for support.

Overview of Monet

Monet WFM provides contact centers with anywhere from 25 to 1,000 agents with a powerful and affordable workforce management solution. Monet has been developed to offer a flexible solution with enterprise-grade features and performance.

Monet integrates with almost any ACD or PBX quickly, allowing you to harness the robust tool set. Installation is simple and most users are up and running in one or two days. Once Monet is running, you can accurately forecast call volume and timing, schedule by agent skills and
experience, and try ‘what-if’ scenarios. You can manage seasonal volumes and create schedules for special days or day parts, as well as develop customized shifts and schedules. Best of all, you manage in real time.

Monet Benefits

Imroved Productivity – Ensures that the right skills are in the right channels when your customers need it

Improved Decision Making – Makes faster and better-informed decisions based on historical data

Flexibility – Works across multiple channels and operations to present one face to the customer

Scalability – From 25 to 1,000 agents, Monet is scalable to meet your specific

Improved Customer Service – Agents spend more time on direct customer service, enhancing repeat business opportunities

Reliable Time Intervals – 15 minute slot forcasting for reliability and efficiency

Monet Features


Set up business rules and center group parameters, select 60, 30, or 15 minute time increments to build and collect current or historical data, select center hours of operation, and initialize center service level metrics. Monet’s “Quick Data Builder” rapidly builds your center’s history within a few minutes. The employee database is used to assign agents to created schedules, as well as store important agent profile information in the system.

Data Collection

Integrated with your ACD, Monet collects data to build a historical database that capture your center’s workload and work time statistics. Monet is highly interoperable, and the built-in data import feature works with all ACD or PBX phone systems. Additionally, the maintenance feature lets you change, append, copy, and report any data collected.

Forecasting Simulator

Monet considers all call types and routing policies when generating forecasts. This lets you accurately forecast staffing levels to manage all call types within your center and build scenarios for budgeting and planning purposes.


Direct ACD integration lets you forecast agent requirements on service objectives and transactional data. You can create schedules and customized shifts to handle forecasted volumes, allowing you to respond effectively to contact center volume fluctuations, manage your centers throughout the day with intra-day updates, and make real-time changes to forecasts and agent schedules.

Skill-Based Scheduling

Assign skill types and skill levels to each agent to improve scheduling and reporting. The work group set up feature lets you create unlimited, unique call types and design each call type to match the various queues’ routing policies within your centers’ ACDs. It also allows you to build splits or agent groups, each with its own set of service objectives and guidelines

Drag & Drop Agent Roster

Drag and drop breaks, lunches, and other changes. Real-time updates are made to assigned agents instantly and surpluses and shortages for each time period of the day are displayed.

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