Our OpenIVR Platform allows a CCC to upgrade to a VXML based IVR at market disruptive low net cost. Existing IVR applications can be easily reproduced and managed within our IVR Application Designer. Equally important to our clients, our CTI Platform enables, not only our IVR to with your existing infrastructure, but it allows normally closed systems to communicate and pass data seamlessly.

our OpenMethods Solution

  • We offer an open VXML based IVR Platform sold on an annual per port basis. The per port cost will be equal to or less than the current maintenance costs on the outdated IVR platforms, enabling CCC’s to upgrade to a VXML based IVR at no net cost.
  • We have an IVR Application Studio reduce the cost and simplify the building, reproducing, and managing of IVR applications.
  • And we can provide all of the above on a Media Gateway hardware platform we also market for “an appliance” type solution set
  • We have developed a CTI Platform to seamlessly enable federation across systems that normally do not work together.

Our OpenMethods Tech Facts

  • This is a VXML based Integrated Voice Response system Speech capable in and out through MRCP interfaces. And the system comes with an OpenVXML designer which provides a Graphical User Interface.
  • Our IVR Application Designer, OpenVXML, enables our clients to write an IVR Application that will work on any other IVR platform regardless of the IVR manufacturer. And our IVR Platform enables our clients to use IVR Applications written in other designers to seamlessly work on our IVR Platform.
  • OpenIVR is an industry standard platform for processing VXML enabled selfWservice applications. It supports the standard for textWtoWspeech and speech recognition and leverages the SIP standard to communicate with the telephony system.
  • Leveraging TelcoBridges TMP 800, we can provide a single source solution for the IVR, the App Designer and the Hardware in one solution set. The TMP800 provides a capacity of up to 8 T1/E1 interfaces, and up to 256 universal VoIP channels. Whether sitting at the edge of a wireline, wireless or VoIP network, the TMP800 delivers seamless voice interoperability across TDM and IP networks.

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