VITEC is customer-centric —not eccentric but we’ve been called that, too! We fill the gap in the market between organizations and consultant services that offer terrific theoretical recommendations, yet no accountability for results.

If together we don’t discover something about your business that you didn’t know before, we haven’t done our job…

Our Services

With our unique customer-centric approach, VITEC begins every engagement with a contact center assessment. This assessment includes a discussion with senior leadership to gather the direction and strategy, as well as a review of contact center KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and known objectives. Finally, we assess all types of interactions to glean a detailed understanding of your business along with known, and our stated objective to find the “unknown,” opportunities for improvement.

In partnership with our clients, VITEC defines best practices based on the utilization of your team and leading edge solutions. To measure the success of our new joint initiatives, we establish KPIs, tracking progress towards the objectives defined in close partnership with our client. Our dedication to your achievements, in true collaborative fashion, ensures goals are attained and success is tangible. Sharing and transferring knowledge to empower our clients is at the very core of VITEC’s customer-centric vision and part of the continuous improvement shared among all successful organizations.

We offer training and consulting services, for each customer. Our clients continuously benefit from a “best of both worlds” knowledge by working with an experienced Client Advocate. Our Client Advocates maintain not only expertise on our solutions, but also the practical experience of successfully running a contact center. Customer-centricity ensures that you, your employees, and, most importantly, your customers get the prompt and courteous responses to their inquiries regardless of the interaction type. Our experts take the guess work out of using your new solution. Identifying your unique needs and ensuring they are met is VIitec’s primary goal. The systems we provide are tools to help further the success of your center and your enterprise – empowering you to become more customer-centric.

On the path to delivering effective solutions, VITEC takes great pride in providing implementation services along with maintenance & support. Combining outstanding services with a seasoned staff of certified engineers allows us to proactively collaborate with our clients, monitoring and offering best practice recommendations to maintain system health and operational efficiencies while minimizing, even eliminating, downtime through a structure of redundant and distributed infrastructures.

From basic to custom applications; from development and installation to testing, VITEC is a proven performer in the contact center and throughout the enterprise. Whether premise-based solutions choices or hosting and private cloud, we adopt a partnered approach to all our client services. It’s what’s being customer-centric is all about; it’s what VITEC is all about.

We are dedicated to providing the best service possible based on our clients’ unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services.