Discovery & Design

Understanding our client’s objectives and defining the best practice to accomplish those objectives is the foundation of our implementation process. We began the discovery and design process at the front end of the sales processes, that information in conjunction with the business case is now critical to a successful implementation. Our discovery & design now goes to a deeper level, so that specific action plans can be created. Implementation is not just about delivering some technology, but changing a process to accomplishing a goal with our client.

Planning Meeting/Site Survey

We work with Microsoft Project to develop a time line, clearly defined roles and responsibilities, infrastructure required, and dependencies. The deliverable is a Statement of Work that all stakeholders agree to. Throughout the process, the VITEC project manager, working with a counterpart in the client organization, provides regular status reports and coordination to the stakeholders.

Configuration & Consulting

Working with the stakeholders, VITEC’s Client Advocate team not only gathers configuration details, but also defines Best Practices for the contact center and/or enterprise including:

  • Interaction Flows & Queues
  • Unified Messaging
  • Workflow
  • Recording & Quality Assessment
  • Networks
  • Workforce Management
  • Real-Time Display & Reports

The culmination of this stage is a deliverable that is approved by the client, which is used by the programmers.

Programming, Proof of Concept, & Lab Testing

Critical attention to detail would be an understatement when it comes to the working environment this team employs. Everything will be documented and tested prior to being turned over to the client for User Acceptance Testing.

User Acceptance Testing

Testing the system is a team goal, stakeholders work with the VITEC Client Advocate team to prove functionality meets the SOW for all features, functions, and applications.


Using a combination of computer based, online, instructor, and self-paced training that covers both general system administration, as well as specific system configuration unique to this environment. Process/workflow changes are reviewed in a train the trainer methodology under the careful supervision of the VITEC team.

Final Customer Acceptance & Review

Recognizing that implementation is just the first step in the process of being a new VITEC Client, we work with the stakeholders to review performance with the new fully functional system operating in live production environment. Achieving the operational objectives is just the first phase, assessment and ongoing discovery are our constant companion.

Contact us today with any questions you may have about our implementation process.